New Toy

I received my beautiful new Nikon D70, and have already put it through the ‘falling off the bed’ shock test. Mustn’t play with camera while in bed, I now say over and over to myself.

I am overwhelmed by what this camera can do, and the speed with which it can record even RAW format images. It’s a dream and a delight, made especially more so when finding out that, yes, my existing lenses all work nicely with it.

I have progressed from being sick as a dog to sick as a puppy, which means getting my butt out of bed and testing the new toy. Besides, I have an enormous amount of work to do, too much to lay about; including work on a couple of new weblogs for the poet in residence (these ones created in Textpattern), some chapters to tech edit, the new online store (you can watch my progress with the separation of data from presentation from processing for OsCommere here), the IT Kitchen software installation, and I’ve had my first assignment for the voter watchdog effort. The apartment management is also in today to do a whole host of tasks – another reason to get out of the house (paint, putty, clanging pipes, oh my).

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