No Justice for Dogs

I received the disposition records sent to the Missouri Department of Agriculture as part of the consent decree for the closure of S & S Family Puppies. I’ve linked the PDF of the records, but note it is a rather large document.

The disposition records were from the auction of the dogs. All but a few of the dogs went to other breeders. Among the violations for some of the breeders are the following:

Betty and John Wagler (USDA 48-A-2108)
Oswego, Kansas

Outdoor housing must have sufficient bedding to help maintain a warm, healthy shelter for dogs to be in during cold weather. More bedding needs to be added for all outside shelters. Straw is OK, just need to have enough so dogs can snuggle in to be comfortably warm. When temps are below 35 more bedding needs to be added. Temperature by the forecast is to be around 30 deg. tonight.

Kenny and Sherri Hughs (USDA 43-A-4038)
Trenton, Missouri

A female dachshund housed in the whelping facility was observed shaking her head back and forth several times. There was a dark discharge inside both ear canals. Discharge could be a sign of infection or parasites. Licensee must consult with a veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment plan. Licensee must ensure that all animals receive adequate veterinary care at all times.

Abe Miller (USDA 31-B-0146 and USDA
Fresno, Ohio
(Mr Miller was not home for several inspections)

Three puppies under 16 weeks of age were found in a sheltered trailer facility that had no heat. The temperature during the inspection (ed. during the day) was 44 (deg) F. These dogs must be moved to a warmer facility provided heat to ensure the health and well-being of these puppies.

One buyer listed itself as “K-9 Connection” and gave the same USDA number as the auction house, Southwest Auction Service (USDA 43-B-0386). So evidently SW Auction is getting into the dog breeding business.

Gary and VIctoria Simmons (USDA 43-A-2778)
Amity, Missouri

Inside the sheltered facility there was a dirty pill cutter used to cut pills on the counter ready to use. There was also 2 small dirty containers of labeled medicines, according to the licensee contained Albon and Safegard, ready for use with the puppies….

Throughout the facility there were at least 3 water receptacle that had been excessively chewed with embedded grime inside of the pitted areas, chewed wooden support structures inside of at least 2 of the sheltered enclosures, and an enclosure inside of the sheltered facility with chewed plastic wall covering above the inside/outside access door. These areas cannot be cleaned and sanitized properly.

If the Stephenson’s released any dogs to their daughter, they would have done so last year before the consent decree, and the disposition records would not have had to be turned over to the Missouri Department of Agriculture as part of the agreement.

I identified one rescue, OzWescue of Kansas, that did rescue a couple of the dogs.

The Stephenson’s had 183 dogs in 2009, and less than a handful were rescued. There was no justice for these dogs.

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