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No slam dunk

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Norm Jenson came out with an endorsement of John Edwards:

John Edwards has announced his intention to run for President of the United States, that he is in favor of universal health care for every American is reason enough to support him, but equally important is that he is electable. I think he is overall the best candidate the Democrats have to offer. I urge you to join me in helping John make our dreams reality in 2008.

I am not so willing to vote for a head of chestnut hair, or skin so white he looks bleached. I guess both does make him ‘electable’ but not necessarily palatable. I heard Edwards talk about making things work, as he labored in a yard in New Orleans. Where was he six months ago? A year?

I tire of empty rhetoric from Democrats as well as Republicans. If someone mentions universal health care, then sit still for a minute and tell me how you plan to implement such, what steps you’ll take. All I hear from the Democrats now in charge in DC is is stay the course, and lookee now Democratic lobbyists can make the big bucks.

No person and no party has my vote in two years. They’ll have to earn it, and do more than curry favor with webloggers and wear a khaki shirt to do so. Universal health care, break up that stupid Homeland Security department, end our involvement in Iraq, because we’re just making it worse, let the gays marry instead of penalizing a small group of people for being different–these are just a start, a beginning. Edwards said that he’s for civil unions for gays but can’t wrap his mind around gay marriage. Well then, I’m for him as president, but can’t wrap my vote around the candidate who will get in the way.

I want to see change in two years. If I see more of the same, I swear to whatever deity rings your bell, I’ll vote for Cheney as a write in candidate, out of spite.

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