Nuclear proliferation

If you had signed up to get feeds of your congressional representative votes, you would have seen several having to do with a new nuclear deal with India. Time and again, any attempt to put any safeguards and restrictions on what could be given or sold to India was voted down, and now we have a ‘bi-partisan’ bill giving India the green light to develop bombs, as well as plants.

Do I think this is a good deal? No.

We made this deal based on economic self-interest. if another country wishes to do the same, say Russia supply Iran, or China supply Syria, we have lost the right to cry foul. Why? Because we’re the ones that started this new nuclear race — we, and our Wal-Marts, and our Boeings, and our Microsofts.

Welcome to a brave new world, and the best little Congress money can buy.

Do Nothing Congress is right. According to this St. Lou Today article, the typical work week for this last congress was from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon.

Hell of a job if you can get it.

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