Obliquely yours

After the last post, Zoë begged pardon and informed me that …cats are never assholes; it must be something indulged in by lower life forms, like humans. And dogs.

I told her the post was about tolerance, and the importance of humor and having a sense of perspective. She rolled her eyes at me and said, why didn’t I say so. Well, I mumbled, because I’m a writer and writers never write directly when they can write obliquely.

She then let me know that cats never do anything obliquely. Seeing the incredulous expression on my face, she haughtily sharpened her claws on my office chair, yawned, and looked at me. Oh. She then told me to go away and do it right this time.

Or else.


Zoë says Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Or else.

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