Just Shelley

One is enough

I have started uploading my many images to flickr, and managed to ‘meet’ some new photographers in the process. I’ve not generally been fond of social networks, but when you have a site where the members have a shared interest–photography–doors open, experience broadens.

There are so many ways to organize your photos, and I have already created three new sets and explored several groups (and started one for the Ozarks). Best of all, the API exposes all of this and opens up all new ideas and possibilities.

Another advantage to getting the account at Flickr is that once everything is moved, I save enough space to close down the separate account for Tinfoil Project, as well as go with a smaller account for Burningbird. Paying the account a quarter in advance saves me even more money, while still providing all the service and space and bandwidth I need for my weblogs and also my ongoing development. Since Wordform has been approved at SourceForge, I don’t have to worry about hosting downloads of this product, or maintaining a bug database on my site. I can even put documentation at SourceForge, though I think I might do a restricted wiki. Best of all — when all of the bright, sharp, and intuitive developers that I know join the project, I won’t have to worry about setting up CVS for the group.

I was so pleased at my creative frugality that I celebrated by going to Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate today and getting one perfect chocolate covered strawberry.

It was the sweetest strawberry, red, and firm, and full of flavor. It was just juicy enough to drop brightly on my tongue, as I slowly nibbled the candy from the tip on down–taking time to fully experience each small bite. It was covered with the richest of chocolate that melted slowly, but without lingering overlong; and the complex flavor of cocoa and cool milk complemented the primal, sunshine flavor of the fruit.

One was enough. One was just enough.

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