Just Shelley outdoors

Our new home’s location

We saw a deer on the nature trail yesterday.

The number one reason we bought our house is the location.

The house is in excellent shape, but the kitchen is small, as are two of the bedrooms and the second bath. In fact, the second bath isn’t even the standard 5 x 8. Our neighbors are 10 feet away on one side, 12 feet on the other. We had hoped for at least 20 feet. We like the house, the price is good, but by itself, we wouldn’t have bought it.

Now, I’ll show you the primary reason why we bought it.

Outside our door is a sidewalk that can take us to the Coastal Botanical Gardens or Chief of Love Rd. The Chief of Love Rd has a Nature trail that parallels it. It’s the one we take daily.

Today, we discovered there’s a nature preserve at the end of it, with a beautiful 1.3 mile nature walk.

All of this, from our front door.

And today I discovered there’s yet another reason why I’m so glad we moved to Savannah.

Look at this Rails to Trails.

“From its trailhead just 15 miles east of town, the trail parallels the South Channel of the Savannah River, a major shipping route and entry point to the Port of Savannah. Short bridges spirit you across saltwater marshes. Cord grass, cabbage palms, yaupon holly and coastal cedars line this beautiful trail, and interpretive signs list the native wildlife, including the eastern box turtle, American alligator, diamond back terrapin, bobcat, osprey, red-tailed hawk and brown pelican. Be on the lookout for these, as well as frolicking dolphins in the river. Conveniently placed benches allow visitors to pause, take in the scenery and enjoy a picnic.”

Gators, bobcats, pelicans, and dolphins! And a little down the road, we can add manatees, too.

It was worth making a major move during a pandemic.

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