HTML5 Photography

Pack of pictures and other stuff

I’ve put together a package of photos I’ve taken earlier this year. They include photos of places around town, flowers, chimps, and other critters. This is the package of photos I’m currently using for my screen saver, so I thought I’d put it online. I don’t guarantee you’ll like any of the pictures, but if you don’t, the most it will cost you is the download time. Note, the file is 17.3MB so I hope you have broadband. If you want to look at the photos online, they’re all at MissouriGreen.

I’m in the process of butting into the HTML5 effort in regards to RDFa. You can read the history of this effort at the HTML WG list. I’m taking the HTML5 editor, Ian Hickson’s, use cases, his original raw material, and mapping the two. I’m also adding in my own use cases. In the effort to make the use cases “implementation free”, I think that the detail and the complexity of the original use cases were reduced too drastically. You can see what I mean by my first use case, and will have the same for the others by Monday.

Will this make a difference? I haven’t a clue. Probably not. I’m sure that neither the HTML5 group, nor the RDFa group, appreciate my particular style of “contributing”, but I decided to follow Sam Ruby’s advice to “put up or shut up” when it comes to HTML5. I’m just going to put up or shut up in my way.

In the meantime, I need to return to my book, which also means that I will be tearing apart my sites as part of my research. I don’t expect to be twittering much, or writing to the weblog, either, in the next few months. I need to focus on the book, and other writing/work for income. I’m also really burned out and very tired, and feeling under the weather lately, and have a need to disconnect from the social hive. Emails always welcome, but I just don’t feel like “broadcasting”.

If you do access any one of the sites at any point in time and find them either not working, or working oddly, no worries, this is just me experimenting, researching, documenting, and writing. Hopefully by the time my book is done, I’ll be more up for writing to my web sites, and they’ll be all settled down and behaving.

If you do follow along with my RDFa use case efforts, I hope you’ll make comments at the HTML WG, as that’s the appropriate place to have a discussion. However, I will also open up comments for a week, in case you just want to make more casual remarks here. Or you can just ignore the whole thing, which is also a good option.

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