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Passing on the torch

Julie Lerman is doing a phenomenal job of taking on the discussion about women and technology. She has a web site with references, and also brought this up in a recent article where she was honored as .NET Rock Star

(It’s funny, but Julie was also angry when Microsoft came out with .NET. She got over her anger. I turned to open source. You win one, you lose one.)

I did my turn at this for three years. It’s nice to turn the torch over to someone else.

Personally, I think I’m going to disconnect from the Internet, sell my computers, and just bind books from now on. That’s a nice traditional female occupation, and one where I don’t have to worry about other people telling me how hostile I am, or how sensitive I am, or how hot-headed I am, or how rude I am, or any variety of the above.

(Ooops, I gave away the topic of the next Art of Book posting. But then, if I’m disconnecting, who will write it?)

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