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Paths: The Book of Colors

Sometimes when I write, I’m trying to communicate – to start a conversation between you and me. Hopefully when I write these types of postings I build in ‘hooks’ that you, the reader, can respond to. Sometimes this works. Sometimes this doesn’t. Such is the life of a writer online.

Other times, though, I write something else. Something that is both more intimate and more personal. This writing might generate conversation, but that’s not the intent. This type of writing I do for me, though I enjoy sharing it with you, curious reader.

I started an online book for these writings, which I hesitate to call ‘postings’ because they’re stories, really. Stories, essays, journal entries, what have you. The book is called “Paths: The Book of Colors”, and it’s not really a book as you might know ‘book’; there is no true beginning, and no true end, other than those stories that describe beginnings and endings.

The book is really nothing more than simple stories about simple things, but it’s important to me.

Work on Paths is an ongoing effort, and currently contains some stories you’ve had a chance to read here at Burningbird. Well, ‘you’ is relative because some of these stories are older, and you may be newly come to this particularly neighborhood. Or you might have skipped these particular stories the day I published them. You might have been in a mood, and the story may not have met your mood. Or perhaps there were too many words and you were rushed. I hope you didn’t skip it because the writing wasn’t included within an RSS form.

Regardless, I hope you take a moment and glance through the book, even if it’s to tell me if you like the design.

I will be adding new stories from time to time until all the colors have been filled in and the book is complete. I’ll let you know when I add a new story. You’ll know when it’s complete.

The stories are unedited, though I have tried to spellcheck them. They’ll be full of flaws and fractures and broken and scratched grammar. But then, I’m writing about life, which can also be full of flaws and fractures, breaks and scratches. This is my gentle way of saying, yes, I am aware that the writing may be ‘bad’ and no, I’m not interested in editorial advice. I have worked on 14 technical books since 1996, all of which passed through a period of editorial advice – Paths is mine, good writing, bad writing, and all.

I hope you enjoy the book, and that you find the pages to be pretty. Most of all, I hope the stories included give you a moment’s peace in these difficult times. I know that writing them has helped me.

Paths: The Book of Colors

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