Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

At least one heckler thought the backlash was because of Lacy’s gender instead of her questions. MyBlogLog founder Eric Marcoullier, who twittered a few swipes against Lacy during the talk, told after the keynote that Lacy’s gender might have been behind the reaction of the geeky masses.

“I think there’s some degree of sexism,” he said. “Because she’s a chick, her ingratiating nature is taken as ass-kissing. If it were some guy at Forbes asking the same questions in the same manner, we just would have thought he was drawing Mark out.”

I found it interesting that few people commented on the fact that Zuckerberg is an uninteresting, colorless individual, who has been variously accused of stealing code and spying on his clients, and in this case, tossed the interviewer to the wolves rather than suck up to his own responsibility. Seriously, would the audience have been more comfortable if Lackey had balls, and scratched them during the talk?

Ohmigod, she twirled her hair during the talk! She’s flirting with Zuckerberg! Here’s a clue for you guys: women with curly hair often twirl it when they talk. It’s not a mating move.

I watched the video and did not think Lacey was “bad”. I didn’t think anything about it was “good”, either. This was obvious a canned interview situation, probably vetted by the Facebook PR people to make sure Zuckerberg doesn’t say anything outside of the box.

If there’s a failure anywhere, it was this type of situation being staged as a “keynote”. Fake interviews to make the “interviewee” seem more personable, one of us, lack honesty, whether they’re deemed successful or not. Did people really expect this to be a true interview? I guess there is one born every minute.

All in all, everything I’ve heard about SxSW this year tells us this party is over. Oh, and if women are going to interview demi-gods like Zuckerberg, they better be butch while they’re on stage.

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