Pics and bother

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I used my TiBook – with its much better resolution – that I was able to see that my print scanner has a defect, and is leaving a streak. In addition, more dust and speckles on the photos scanned then showed on my Dell laptop. Bother.

But enough with my photos, which have been off lately. I’d rather point you to some other photos – lovely photos. First, Eye Contact by Farrago Flying Penguin. Lynette has a wonderous way with the camera. In addition, the site I mentioned in my little stroll last week – the one with the pretty flower picture – copied one of my photos. Not sure if I’m credited for the photo or not, because the writing is all in Japanese. However, I did find the source of the flower photo. When I saw all the other incredible photos from the same photographer, I felt like shutting down my camera for good.

Two lovely sites of photos.

Speaking of lovely, Jeneane’s redesigned her weblog. I _like_ Jeneane – much better.

In addition, going about tonight catching up, romance is in the air, and it’s all between married folks, including 30 years of marriage, and another hubbie saying the right thing at the right time. I guess AKMA getting a wifely glare from Margaret can also be called romance – if she didn’t care about him, she wouldn’t mind if he ended up in gaol for wearing subversive clothing.

Perhaps I’ll keep my camera – at least it keeps me company.

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