Allan Moult (Cobbers) passed on to me a link to this terrific Humboldt squid photo at National Geographic. The photo is mislabeled at the site–most likely because the Humboldt is sometimes called a ‘giant squid’. However, this doesn’t detract from what is a terrific photo.

National Geographic provides desktop versions of most of its photos, including its popular underwater collection, as well as several older, excellent black & whites, such as this Greek monastry photo.

Greek Monastry photo from National Geographic

Speaking of excellent black and whites, the Shorpy Vintage Photos site publishes older black & white (and color) photos, most in the public domain. You can access a larger image at the site, the original found or submitted photo, or have the site organizers make a quality print. It features over three pages of one of my favorite photographers, Walker Evans.

The backstory associated with the photos and the comments add to the overall site enjoyment. For instance, one photo features a young boy selling newspapers in 1908. He is wearing a cap with “Celery Coke” across it. In comments, the young man’s great-grandson stops by, as well as an interesting discussion about Celery Coke.

Celery flavored Coke. How healthy sounding.

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