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Please, have an edit war

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Kevin Marks writes today:

I got edited out of the history of Podcasting again by a mysterious IP address

If you do a whois lookup on this address, you can see it was Adam Curry.

I did previously reinsert this reference to my Bloggercon demo with citations, and I don’t want to get into an edit war. Suggestions welcomed.

I dunno Kevin: seems to me that telling the world that Adam Curry rewrites history to suit himself is both an effective way to highlight the problem, as well as fire a damn big cannon. I can understand your frustation, though–podcasting is big, and if you played a part in it, you want to be acknowledged. Fair is fair.

But I disagree with you on avoiding an edit war of the History section of Podcasting at Wikipedia. This item badly needs an edit war; it needs something. The section is poorly written, disjointed, jumps all over the timeline in no understandable pattern, and seems confused. Compared to other sections of the document, which are very nicely written, you can see the effects of a tug-of-war between personalities; some of whom should, perhaps, stick to audio casts.

Not that I’m naming names, you understand. Wouldn’t want to get into an edit war or anything.

Oh no! Someone brought in a Howitzer!

Just so you all know, I’ve decided to edit the history section. It needs the delicate, deft touch of a woman, don’t you think?

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