Practical RDF Weblog—Back in Action

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The Practical RDF book weblog is back in action. I’ll be posting chapters, slowly, starting in the next couple of days. We’re trying to get the book into the publication process by end of the year, which means less weblogging, more book writing, and more coding.

Discipline. Aren’t INTJ’s supposed to be disciplined?

The material has been altered, considerably, from the first draft. I’ve added coverage of additional technologies, refocused the audience a bit, and updated the material to reflect the newest edition of the RDF specification documents. Still, the material is in draft form, which means no editorial polish and the usual Burningbirdisms. In between releases of chapters, I’ll also be covering other RDF-related topics, to add a bit of variety. Keep you all hungry for more.

The release of the chapters will also signify the release of some new goodies I’ve been playing around with for a time. All open source, of course. Many are weblog or web site-related so I hope that they might be of interest.

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