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None of this will make sense unless you read this first.

The content of the previous posting was directed at the Open Letter to America from a Canadian. I was, I will admit, a bit hurt when I read Allan’s postings about this letter and this did act as a catalyst for my posting, but the content was directed at the letter. Allan did not mean me or any of us personally when he wrote his postings. I know this. You all know this.

I don’t regret the post I wrote. If anything, it does show that this all is, ultimately, very personal. “You Americans” is personal when fingers are pointed at us because of our government’s policies that abbrogate our country’s responsibilities to the rest of the world. It’s personal because ultimately, it is up to us to do what we can to ensure that “You Americans” really does represent We Americans and not a few who have power by default.

But being personal does not mean me personally attacking Allan nor him personally attacking me — nor anyone attacking anyone else when, as was pointed out so eloquently in the comments by so many, we’re all on the same side.

I am not apologizing for the posting, because I believe everything I wrote and stand by it, but I am apologizing to Allan for putting him in an uncomfortable position because of my writing.

I won’t ask Allan to forgive me, but if there was any irritibility between folks as a result of my writing, I hope you all will “kiss and make up”. Because, as you told me, we are all on the same side.

Update There was a second letter written by the same author a few days later in time (original letter was written last May). The author really admires Bill Buckley Jr. Second Letter (thanks to MeFi).

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