Proceedings of the SVG Open

Several of the papers at the SVG Open have been *posted online, including an interesting paper on bitmap to vector conversion, a topic I enjoy exploring.

It’s too bad that WebKit couldn’t be there to represent itself as an SVG viewer. It would be nice to see and compare the future of SVG implementation by The Three.

There’s a whole section on SVG and graphic design, another area I’m interested in; especially considering that SVG Effects have now been added to the Mozilla trunk. I downloaded the Mozilla Minefield build that included this addition, and hope to have some some of my own SVG Effects examples up soon.

I’ve also heard rumors (can’t find where, now) of funding for an SVG plug-in for IE so that we know we’ll have support for SVG in IE going into the future. It would be better to have a native implementation in IE, but with a plug-in we’re assured won’t go away, we can at least move forward in the use of SVG.

*thx to Michael Bernstein for link

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