Really hot linking

Rageboy (remember him?) gives all new meaning to the term ‘hot linking’, when he switches one image for another after finding the original was hot linked.

Rageboy done good, on more than one level. The site that had did the hot linking was equating the Holocaust with building a Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver. There are so many lies at the site, I’m surprised Bad Jesuit hasn’t been blasted to hell by the God he supposedly believes in.

This makes a good a time as any to remind folks to support their local Planned Parenthood. This organization is the only one I know of that routinely provides free cancer screening for women, as well as education and information about safe sex, as well as having a safe pregnancy. As more hospitals get scared out of providing full services for women, it is about the only organization left that provides legal, safe abortions. I realize that Bad Jesuit would rather women have unwanted children, which he, of course, won’t have to care for. Or to have back alley abortions, and hopefully the women will die — the harlots. Luckily, others of us have a more ‘Christian’ view, regardless of our religious beliefs.

But hey! The site is an equal opportunity hate site: it goes after gays and atheists, too.

Good job, Rageboy.

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