Legal, Laws, and Regs

Religious Freedom

How not to deal with direction confrontation about religion in this country.

John Robb has the following to say:

Google forced to remove anti-Scientology links. I don’t agreee with the Germans on many things (although I lived there). But, I agree with the Germans when it comes to Scientology (by saying this I am being listed in some Scientology database in the sky). Germany treats Scientology like a cult and they outlaw it under the same laws that prevent distribution of Neo-Nazi propoganda. Scientology is a cult of the worst sort: one that can afford to hire lawyers, manage propoganda, intimidate opposition, and train absolute leaders. They work within the system. Very Nazi. Avoid it. Outlaw it. Denounce it. Besides, anyone who starts a cult based on the thinking of a writer of bad science fiction, should get a life.

I don’t have to tell you the flaws in this, do I? I don’t have to tell you the danger of this, do I?

Outlawing a religion (it’s still classified as a religion in this country, and there has been no successful legal charges against Scientology that would refute this claim) or any other personal belief other than those that advocate violence is against the Constitution on the United States. I know this document has been bashed and battered lately, but I still support it.

I hope you do, too.

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