Religious wars…no, not RSS

You thought that we techs could be fanatic about our likes and dislikes, loves and hates, you should see photographers and their cameras.

The Online Photographer reports on the responses to his review Leica M8:

Well, naturally I’ve gotten raked over the coals in many of the Leica forums this morning, for insufficient worship… of the M8. I’m getting called names, insulted, denigrated, accused of name dropping and bias and of having no qualifications, and of course everything I wrote was outrageously wrong in nine kinds of ways—one guy called my report “piffle” and another jumped in and listed the several specific kinds of piffle it was. (To another it was “tripe.” Well, which is it, piffle or tripe? I’m afraid that’s something they’re going to have to work out amongst themselves.)

I sometimes wish I had started out with a different camera. I like my Nikon, but I’ve never felt particularly passionate about my equipment. I wonder if that’s what’s needed to do good photography–you have to feel passionate about your equipment?

My main fixation as regards my camera is stress with having to clean the camera’s innards and really hoping not to drop my telephoto. Both of these are directly related to my ability to afford replacements. If someone were to tell me that what I’m using is shite, I’d probably nod agreeably, and then go back to stressing about cleaning the sensor.

This is worrisome…I must not have the true soul of a photographer.

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