Riots in the valley

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Rumors have been flying that riots and violence unimaginable have been happening in the fire-stricken disaster areas around Los Angeles and San Diego.

Firefighters are now refusing to enter and render assistance to victims in communities such as Rancho Bernardo and Del Mar. “We’ve heard of gangs of white people roaming the streets, shooting at anyone who passes”, said one firefighter, who wished to be anonymous.

The AP Wire just published a news flash: Del Mar Evacuation Halted Amid Gunfire…Shots are Fired at Military Helicopter”.

Pulled from a golf game, Bobcat Stick was quoted as saying, “it’s just unbelievable…how people are behaving, with the shootings and now the gang rapes and the gang violence and shooting at helicopters who are trying to help out and rescue people.”

The National Guard refused to approach Rancho Santa Fe because “we’re waiting until we have enough force in place to do an overwhelming force,” Lt. Gen. H. Dweebus Ahole told reporters on October 22nd.

Evacuees at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, where up to 10,000 evacuees anxiously watched the stadium’s television sets, hoping for a glimpse of their neighborhood on the local news, have spread stories of horrors–including the rape of a 7 year old girl, nay, dozens of babies being raped, as the dead from the violence lay, like kindling, waiting to be burned.

The evacuee suffering worsened when the Red Cross was denied access based on fears for the safety of the volunteers. Those denied succor at shelters have fled to nearby San Clemente, escaping past barriers erected to keep them out.

Some people haven’t been able to update their Facebook accounts. My god, the inhumanity.

This post is tagged satire. However, everything written here in the post, except the last sentence, was published in the media, but about Katrina and the people of New Orleans. Every sentence was also found to be untrue.

I wish the best for the folks in southern California, and hope the fires are soon out.

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