RIP Thinker

If you’ve seen my photo titled The Thinker you’ve seen our zoo’s favorite chimp, Cinder.

Cinder suffered from a hereditary disease that caused her to lose her hair when she was young, though her health was good despite the loss. She’s a sweet tempered girl, and one of my favorite photo subjects, because her hairless state provides visual access to her fascinating physiology. Cinder also has the most expressive face.

The Thinker

Cinder and seven other of her chimp family members caught a cold last week. According to a press release, she looked like she was improving Sunday morning, and her appetite had returned. However, she collapsed, suddenly, Sunday afternoon, and couldn’t be saved.

I’ve spent hours in her company, sharing glances through glass, across the fields outdoors, her posing for many photos. I’m really going to miss my Thinker.

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