Rose garden

I can’t just ‘do’ technology. The longer I don’t feed that other half of me, the more somber I become.

The weather was too nice to stay inside pasting, cutting, and folding for my Art of Book projects, so it was a good time to visit the rose gardens; take some pictures, though I know it must seem like the only photographs I take are those of flower and weed, with an occasional aside into something that doesn’t have roots.

I hope to explore with my photography this summer, with different subjects including local bikers and river rats (human that is). Or not, and take a break from it. But for now, just plain flowers.

I also looked for something to go with the flowers, some writing. A poem or two, and if you search on poems with roses, you’ll find hundreds. But they all seemed so weepy, and sentimental. I don’t like sentimental poems, and I don’t need weepy.

So I guess I’ll stick with just flowers.

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