Roses, too

For those worried whether I am given completely over to technology and politics (you mean, there’s something else?), I am on a real kick this week to do floral photography. And butterflies, as the fall Monarch migration is about to start. And hot air balloons, as the festival is coming up in a few weeks.

Color. I want color. I think that’s why I switched my default stylesheet to Lemon Shake-Ups. As my roommate said when I showed it to him, “It’s certainly yellow, isn’t it?”

Color. I am desperate for color.

My need for color is inspired, in part, by my plans to start a balcony garden next year. I plan on growing vegetables and flowers, though I have to be careful of my use of space (making sure to leave room for the air conditioning unit and my roommate to lay out in the sun and develop skin cancer) but there should be enough room for me to grow cherry tomatoes, green beans, carrots, and mixed greens. Perhaps some herbs.

(The leafy greens are as much for my cat as they are for us.)

There will be some small room for flowers. In particular, I want to put in one antique rose. I didn’t think an antique rose would work in a balcony garden, but found out they can do nicely–depending on the plant. Lucikly we have several hours of sunshine a day, which gives us options.

Container gardening has become quite popular now. It’s a great way of having gardens in limited spaces, as well as controlling bugs and other pests (think rabbits). It doesn’t have to be that much work, not with the self-watering containers. And many plants have been especially bred for container gardens; I’ve even heard of a form of corn that can be grown on a balcony–but that would mean my roommate would have to sun standing up.

There is nothing better than carrots or cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden.

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