RSS debate

Well, now. Do you think that Dave is talking about the recent RSS posts from myself, Jonathon Delacour, and Jon Udell when he writes the following under the title of Meta-Blogging:

Aggregation: Is goodness. Think of it as a way of upping the bandwidth of people whose minds are sponges and want to learn as much as possible. In time of crisis think of it as the Web’s Emergency Broadcast System.

I won’t get into issues of quantity versus quality, and indiscriminate sucking up of data regardless of worth, but Emergency Broadcast System?

In my area there’s a horn that goes off every Tuesday at noon that’s a test of the emergency notification system in my area. So tell me, Dave — are you saying that aggregation is equivalent to a loud raucous noise that drives all intelligent thought from your mind so that you’ll react instinctively.

NOISE! Argghhh! Click the next link!

NOISE! Argghhh! Click the next link!

As we saw with the events of September 11th, there were few weblogs that weren’t focused on what was happening in the Eastern part of the US. In times of crises the very act of aggregation negates the usefulness of aggregation because all links lead to one event, one act.

As a compliment I will say that in a crises, I first turn to Scripting News for information because I know that most webloggers will point out new and breaking information directly to Dave and he’ll pass the information along. Aggregation, yes. But intelligent aggregation.

And whatever happened to the art of debate.

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