Senate mockery of the voters

I listened to the Senate “debate” on SB 113. I use quotes because there was no debate.

The bill was perfected. This doesn’t mean it was voted on, but I expect it to be voted. I was incredibly frustrated with the discussion, because Mike Parson made several misrepresentations and outright fabrications. But I guess it’s not done to call him a liar to his face, directly on the Senate floor.

What this means…

Well, there will be a final Senate vote on the bill. And there’s still a debate on HB 131, though I don’t know if I can handle listening to this one.

I do want to collect the votes in the end, because I think everyone from a Yes on B district that voted for one of these bills should be kicked out of office when they come up for a vote. They’re basically saying we’re too stupid to know what we want. Well, not too stupid to know we don’t want, or need, them.

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