Just Shelley

Sewer check valve

The check valve came through.

We had 2.47 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Before the check valve, we would have been toast. We faced the very real possibility of damaging sewer backup into the main floor of our house.

Last night, not a whimper from the pipes. No bubbling toilets. No clang from a sudden rush of backflow up our lateral.

No backflow into the shower or bathtub, or via the seal on the toilet.

No sewer odor.

Silence. Dry. And we can still use our facilities.

People talk about what they’d miss if civilization suddenly stops. They talk about missing the internet, their phones, TV, and electricity. Well, give a thought to your water and sewer facilities.

Thanks to the O’Fallon sewer and water folks for going above and beyond.

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