Shelley, you suck

As was pointed out in comments, according to Bill Gates–a kid born rich who got richer– since I am an unemployed computer tech, I must suck.

Anybody who’s got good computer science training, they are not out there unemployed,” Gates said. “We’re just not seeing an available labor pool.”

What Gates means, according to David Weinberger, in light of recent discussions, is that there is a shortage of heterosexual engineers in the US. I think we could take it an additional step and say there’s a shortage of heterosexual engineers in the US willing to work long hours for little pay but the prestige of saying, “I work for Microsoft”.

I did submit my resumé this last week to Microsoft for an opening that someone (going nameless to protect his identity and job) passed on to me. Of course, we’ll have to see if Microsoft follows through, or if they look at my resumé and go, “Wow, this person sucks–let’s hire someone from another country”.

I’m straight, though: does that help?

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