Shutting down the conversation

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

What’s particularly difficult about writing something such as my posting Girlism? is seeing the gentlemen in the community linking to Halley’s post, but not my refutation. Huzzahs for Halley’s refreshing honesty and blowing the lid off the terrible games we women play.

Perpetuating the myth by controlling the links, and thereby controlling the discussion. Well done. Is this another lesson we women should learn?

But then, I’m picking on Halley with my posting, aren’t I? And members of the same community are not supposed to do this. We either agree, or stay silent. Another lesson to learn.

Why are more women’s voices not heard in technology? Because men control technology’s voice. I guess the same could be said for weblogging.

Update: Thankfully, the conversation is starting up again, which is what I really was hoping for. I knew there had to be other voices with something to say on this issue. See ElaineSteveDorotheaMike, and Jen. And associated comments attached to all the postings.

Second Update And Sam! Of course, Sam! Sam, who is the first official member of Burningbird’s Anonymous! I would never forget to link to Sam. Nah uh. Not me.

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