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Slashdot let the dogs loose on Mark Pilgrim

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Ah, oh. Mark Pilgrim was mentioned prominently and positively (deservedly so) in a Slashdot interview on accessibility. That sound you hear is Mark’s 3GB bandwidth allowance being sucked dry.

In the re-design of my traditional web sites and weblog (still in process, not rolled out yet), I used Mark’s guidelines to ensure accessibility with my designs. I found that enabling accessibility doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly difficult if you just follow the steps; and if you think about it, the people that need this little extra effort don’t need to hear our whining — think how frustrating it must be for a blind person to go to web page after web page and not be able to ‘see’ the contents?

(Hmmm. Was that last paragraph a little too ‘J’, even for an INTJ? Too bad.)

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