Web Writing


My “Parable of the Languages” has just been slashdotted. “Mean Dean” from Heal Your Church Web Site weblog was kind enough to submit me, and the floods just started.

I’m taking odds when my server goes down…

Update: The folks at Interland are keeping an eye on the server — luckily they know Slashdot. I am getting massively hammered, though.

A little side note about Parable:

If it weren’t for my friend, Jonathon’s encouragement and support about the direction I’ve been taking with my writing lately, I wouldn’t have written this little story — and more to follow. You meet the best class of people in weblogging. You really do.

(Damn! Did that sound like an acceptance speech to you? It did to me. Am I going to be reduced to “You like me! You really like me!” next?)





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