Sleepless in St. Lou

I’m not sure why but every change of the season I usually have one restless night where I don’t get any sleep and last night was it for Fall. I did have a couple of very good books to read, and that doesn’t help — you don’t want to put them down, and next thing you know it’s 4 in morning, and why go to sleep when you need to get up in a couple of hours?

The big news this morning is the rumor that dolphins armed with darts used by the military may have been washed into the Gulf of Mexico of Katrina and are lurking out there, waiting to attack hapless surfers. I have to ask those who read this weblog from the UK–exactly how reliable is the Guardian? According to the Register, not very.

The New Yorker did a wonderfully funny take on intelligent design.

And this. Perfect for a Monday morning — 21 international variations of “They’re Coming to Take Me Away”. The one titled “I’m normal” is killer. You know, without weblogging, I never would have found this.

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