Connecting People

Slow waking from a nightmare

Chris’ weblog has become a clearing house for information about his friend, Rick who was seriously hurt in the Bali explosion. As people who knew Rick leave comments, the person who Chris knows becomes someone we know. He’s isn’t faceless. There is no insulation from the pain and the horror of the Bali blast through emotionless news broadcasts, and political speeches.

Our sorrow and our grief for the families of those impacted by this act against humanity transcends old, stale borders of “warblogger” and “peace blogger”, and when I read Meryl and Dawn I am reminded that we all ultimately want the same thing in the end: peace.

Jonathon wrote today:

I can hardly bear to watch TV. Every time I switch on a television news or current affairs program, I cry.

And I read that, and I wanted to cry again.

Now is not the time to talk of war and revenge and anger and hatred. Now is the time to grieve and sorrow and hold each other and give each other comfort. Next week is next week, and we’ll go our politically separate ways, again.

But for today, today, it’s time to grieve.

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