Just Shelley

Small Things

Today the clouds rolled in and it started raining. I spent the afternoon listening to excellent music, sipping hot cider, and emailing old friends I haven’t talked with in a long time, including “bossman”, my ex-boss from dot-com days who now lives in Australia.

Among the music I listened to is McCartney’s new double CD set, Wingspan (History and Hits), combining old and new music. It suited the day. So did Alanis Morrisette’s newest CD, her best release by far. I’m thinking of listening to Sting’s Desert Rose next, dedicated to a certain Brit I know, who just loves Sting. Or maybe I’ll listen to a little Phil Collins.

For dinner, I’m having a meat pie, an idea I got from Allan, except my pie will be homemade, with a delicate crust, very light on the meat, not too rich a sauce, and with vegies cut small — easy food for a tummy that isn’t feeling too good. I’ll eat it sitting in my favorite chair, comfy under a cozy blanket, listening to more music and watching the mist obscure the big ships in the bay as the gray of the day turns into the darker gray of the night.

To complete the picture, I’ll pretend my Mom made the pie. And tucked me into my blanket.

Small things.

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