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Snow drops

I rented a car today, a ruby red Dodge SRT. I drove it to the top of Schweitzer long enough to check out the view and grab a few photos; I had to be back by 2:00. The view was terrific but I need my polarizing filter to get a clear shot of the distant Cabinet mountains and Pend Oreille lake. However, you can get an idea of what it was like from what I did manage to get.

Mountains and Pend Oreille Lake from Schweitzer

Cabinet Mountains from Schweitzer

For dinner, my Mom was in a mood for a hamburger, so I went to this little place, Dub’s that was at the end of Boyer. I placed my order and stood to the side to wait for it, near two tables with kids from the high school; I read the local free paper, which contained a joke about a cake, a toilet paper tube, and snooty people. Maybe I’ll try to re-create it sometime.

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