So much fun

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The conference organizer for Office 2.0 has added three more women speakers. Actually, three very impressive women speakers. To address those who think that achieving diversity means giving up quality–you’re a putz.

Speaking of putz, Dennis Howlett wrote the following in comments at Robert Scoble’s weblog related to this issue:

Sadly to say Robert, when you engage the castration crowd, you ain’t never gonna win an argument. Not even come close.

One question to those who agree with Howlett: what are you afraid of? Why is attempting to add 5 or 6 women to a conference of over 50 speakers scare you so much? Are you afraid that the women will have bigger dicks than you? We already know they have more balls.

(And on that note, time to take hands off of keyboard, and back away slowly.)

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