Soft Strategy

Sam Ruby wroteJackass 2.5 is available exclusively on SilverLight and my first thought was, “Hey! IE 8 must be shipping!” Then I clicked the link and realized he was talking about a movie.

Sam brought up Jackass the movie because of an issue of the video element in the HTML5 specification, and whether user agents should, or should not, be required to support the “free” video compression technique, Ogg Theora. Interesting to see the inner workings of the group. Now what group was this?

Oh, yeah. HTML5. Anyway, Sam also writes:

Fundamentally, Microsoft’s strategy is sound. Ignore standards that you find inconvenient, and focus on producing and enabling the production of content people want. While my humble site can’t compete with the likes of Jackass 2.5, I do have a few people who follow my site. I’ve switched my front page to HTML5 despite the fact that this means that MSIE7 will therefore ignore virtually all CSS. ..Perhaps if a few more HTML5 advocates did the same, people would eventually take notice.

I was inspired to go to XHTML, in part, by Sam’s earlier fooling around with SVG and XHTML. So I’ll give HTML5 a shot.

In five, six years. Or so.

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