Some science coming up

I have several science-based essays I’ve salvaged from Dynamic Earth that I’m going to post. Without their domain, the writings have been cut adrift but they’re still good. Well, ‘good’ is relative – the science discussed in them is still valid.

Going through these, I’ve forgotten how long I’ve been online, and all that I used to do BW – Before Weblogging. Really the only difference between writing to a web site and a weblog is that the latter has more formatting rules, more feedback, and a hell of a lot more stress at times.

I didn’t limit my topics in my pre-weblogging writing, covering everything from book reviews, kites, computer technology, giant squid, pets, hurricanes, and my own personal thoughts and viewpoints on just life in general. I wrote on all topics but religion, thinking that this was too taboo a topic to put online when I didn’t know who was reading me.

(Now I write about religion from time to time. Nothing like weblogging to loosen one’s tongue long enough to get into serious trouble.)

Of course, those who have tolerance to match their deep spiritual beliefs might say that when I’ve written on trees and oceans, programming and sadness, I have been writing about religion.

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