Speaking of connection

I had forgotten to apply the MAC filter and once having done so, the machine called ‘Chris’ is history. I own the air, the bandwidth is mine. All mine.

Speaking of connectivity, I was rather amazed to see that Google has hired Vint Cerf. If you’re not familiar with the name, he is literally the father of the internet: the co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol on which all of this web stuff lives.

Lots of flapping gums about how good Cerf is for the company, but I don’t see any symbiosis between Cerf and Google. Well, other than I think that Google is ‘hiring’ (the use of ‘buying’ sounds so crude) its way into a symbolic link with the internet: the internet is Google, Google is the internet. Especially since they hired Cerf as an ‘evangelist’–such an overused, and abused term–and he has projects of his own; including management of ICANN.

One thing I will say about this match is that Cerf is a closer: a man who wants to see things accomplished. Perhaps with his influence, Google will actually release some of its software from beta.

You think?

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