Speaking of fall color

I would like to be out walking more now, but the weather has continued extremely warm, and I don’t deal well with hiking in upper 80 degree weather.

The official Fall Color watch for Missouri starts the 15th of September, and the colors peak about October 15th. I’m in the mood to just spend the rest of September focusing on drives about the state, and maybe into Illinois and up to Wisconsin and over to Kentucky. This is a pretty time of the year in this area, and there’s loads of places I haven’t photographed.

I’m broke, so can’t travel too far, but I can manage some day trips. Nice thing about a digital camera is that it doesn’t cost to take pictures.

What I would like to do is take some photos of the famous Ozark spring mills in the south of the state. I know they’ve been photographed to an inch of their worn and weathered boards, but it would be fun to see if I can capture something unique about them – something new. And this year I am covering The Great Balloon Race, in Forest Park.

As for technical writing, if you want to cover something, drop me a note or say something in comments, and I’ll see what I can do; otherwise, I’m going to assume you’re bored with the tech writing and want to hear about hikes and rides and life and see pics, instead.

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