Splitting by topic

In the past, I have split the weblog into pieces based on subject matter and interest. However, most folk read weblogs through aggregators now, so it makes more sense to split weblog topics into different syndication feeds rather than different weblogs.

This is a mixed-bag weblog, which means I write on anything, and I mean anything. Not all of you are interested in reading everything I write. For those who are interested only in writings on certain topics, I offer to you the following syndication feeds. My posts are guaranteed to fall in whichever of these is most appropriate:

Technology Feed: All items related to technology and the field of IT, web, and computer science. This includes RDF and semantic web postings, as well as weblog tech how-tos, digital identity writings, and so on.

SemanticWeb Feed: All items specifically related to semantic web and RDF.

Directions Feed: All current events commentary, discussions on politics, and opinion pieces. This includes the writings that also incorporate history into the work, and the discussions related to women and feminism, gay acceptance, and human rights–both national and international.

Sensory Feed: All writings about photographs, featuring photographs, poetry, reviews, literature, personal philosophy, cooking, relationships, art, and so on.

Outdoorsy Feed: All outdoorsy, environmentally related discussions, including those on weather and the environment, space, giant squid, my walks throughout the Ozarks, and so on.

Folk Tales and Stories Feed: Featuring the longer posts that mix reality with imagination, throwing in a little culture and history; mixing it up into a soup of humor or humanity. This also features my more oddball posts, and the humorous ones like Parable of the Languages.

I’ll be adding these to the header for autodiscovery, and there’s still the main feed, which includes everything. The comments feed will also include all comments for all posts.

Then there is, of course, the ‘nofeed’, where you don’t subscribe to any feed, and no longer read this weblog. That is, also, a viable option.

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