Styles redux and identity

My thanks to those who provided feedback on the styles. At this time I’ve dropped Cabinet and Clashing, though I’ll keep the clashing style in the ‘about these sheets’ page – it is a rather interesting way of looking for web site colors.

I was surprised by the variety of answers I received when I asked people which stylesheet they were using. Since I was primarily interested in ‘weeding’ out the unused ones, and the other stylesheets are currently being used, I’ll leave them, as is.

The only other change I may make is to convert Walker Evans to being a Black & White photo stylesheet, and vary the photos and photographers.

Christine mentioned that the alignment of the columns in some of the sheets was off. If anyone is finding that this is happening in their browsers, please let me know, email or comment, and provide browser and OS. In addition, there should be no horizontal scroll in 800 x 600 or higher mode.

David asked the question:

The thing is, though, which ones do you think speak to your personality?

My answer is: all of them.

The black and white Walker Evans style represents my interest in classic styling and photography, not to mention Evans; Burningbird of Happiness is my love of green and growing things; Lemon Shakeups is my whimsical, silly side; Fire & Ice represents my passion; Random Shots also represents my love of photography, and has a touch of the Missouri Green in it; Deep Thoughts is that techie, future looking, digs science me. Old Bird is, well, old bird–my roots.

Emotive not only represents my interest in semantics, it also tells me a little something about myself. More than once, I found myself a little surprised at my own choice of tones for some of the posts. Intellectually when I thought my writing was of a certain mood, I found that the associated style didn’t work and I picked another, instead. A very interesting experience at times, and better than yoga for getting me in touch with myself. I probably wouldn’t give up Emotive even if no one was using it. If anything, I’m going to be adding several more ‘tones’.

Even Clashing represented my experimental, somewhat chaotic side. As for Cabinet, this might be surprising, but it was one of my favorite styles. I love red, white, and blue as a color combination; and I loved the odd, strange, surreal mixing of images and photos.

However, it’s also offended some people more than a little; what is the good of a stylesheet that just pisses people off even before they’ve had a chance to read what I write? Let the people get mad at the words, not the box.

But I am salvaging some of the style for one of those new emotive ‘tones’ I talked about. I’’ roll it out tomorrow, on the 4th of July.

Again, my thanks for the feedback. Now, I’ll stop messin’ wit yer heads. At least, when it comes to stylesheets.

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