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Sunday Morning

For those of you with coComment, as you’ve found, it doesn’t work at my site. At this time, the coComment folks haven’t released what exactly the software is looking for, so I can’t modify my site to support this concept. I also haven’t finished adjusting all of my software changes into WordPress plugins in order to move back to WordPress, so for now, you’ll have to remember all on your lonesome of you’ve commented here.

Joe Duemer, in a cleverly titled post, tapped me to list out any and all famous people somehow forming decoration in my workspace. I’ve not forgetten that I also have been tapped for 4 things to list my most dangerous idea. All will be answered in one post, the one that is taking me longer than anticipated to write; as is my story with associated photos from the Johnson Shut-Ins trip. My only excuse is that I have been feeling peakly lately, and I’m having to devote most of my energies to work.

I’m also behind on my new development server. The most I’ve done is pick the hosting company, and they’ve installed a basic set of software to get me started. The only page that shows at the moment is the Apache2 welcome page. However, it has a nice shiny installation of PHP5, MySQL 5.0, Ruby on Rails, and a host of other goodies. I should be able to put something useful up. Eventually.

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