SVG Curriculum

I’m doing a curriculum outline for a suggested SVG class for the WaSP Education Task Force.

If you were looking for a class on SVG, what would you like it to include? What would you hope to be able to do with SVG, once you came away from the class? Would you be more interested in working with end-user tools that generate SVG, like Inkscape? Or with tools that generate SVG programmatically, such as a PHP library that can create SVG elements given a set of data?

Speaking of learning SVG, I wanted to point you to David Dailey’s book on SVG, State of the Art: An SVG Primer, hosted by the W3C. David’s included some nice, easy to follow examples, with associated graphics.

This book draft is an excellent resource for learning more about SVG. Interesting, but the TOC links don’t seem to be working with the current Firefox 3.1 beta release I’m using. They do with other browsers.

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