Tax Filings

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I finally found the kernel of the writer’s block I’ve had, as well as much of my restlessness in the last month — it was the end of year tax filings.

Really, you would have laughed if you had seen me. I literally couldn’t approach the table with all my records and paperwork and forms. Once I finally forced myself into the chair, the slightest thing would distract me.

I must finish this form — oh, look there’s the guardsman. Wave at the nice man with the big gun.

Stop it! I must finish this fo — oh, look at the pretty ship. I wonder where it’s from?

I MUST FINISH THI – Is that a ripple in the bay there? I bet it is.

I even grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of the paperwork at one point. Please agree with me that this is not normal behavior.

In previous years my ex-husband did all the filings and paperwork. In the last year I’ve ignored the fact that I had a company to run, and this neglect hit me square in the face yesterday and today. I knew my paperwork was a mess. I knew I had missed critical filings. Yup and yup.

But I’m done. Facing some fines, but I’m done. And in the process, I found that I’ve been ignoring other aspects of my life in addition to the necessary work to keep my company going. Who would have thought that tax work would force a person to look at how they’re living their life — in effect, kicking one in the butt when one needs it.

I consider myself kicked.


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