Just Shelley

Thanks for the birthday wishes

Many thanks for the birthday wishes. I didn’t have a cake tonight, but I did treat myself to two margaritas when my roommate took me out for dinner. And I’m also treating myself to a whole raft of movies, including some classic sci-fi recommended by a friend.

(Speaking of movies, we watched Shrek 2 tonight. I hope I’m not the only adult that loved Puss n’ Boots in this movie; or laughed themselves silly during the hairball incident.)

It’s odd, but I normally don’t remember dreams quite as vividly as the one I recounted earlier. I can’t help thinking it would make a nice centerpiece to a book, or at the least, a short story. If nothing else, it was better than dreaming about being naked in front of an audience, or showing up for school, not prepared for an important test.

It was a good dream, though. Everytime I think on it, I smile. There was something about the book store and the choice, whatever the choice that had such a positive feel to it. And I can agree with Dave Rogers that all the main characters in the dream could be variations on myself — but the man I’m kissing? That sounds just a little too weird, even for a dream, even for me.

Again, thanks for the wishes.

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