That’s Missour-ah

It might seem as if Missouri consists of nothing but red state, conservative, fundamentalists with mullet haircuts. However, they don’t call Missouri the “Show Me” state for nothing — there’s a stubborn streak of independence that runs through this piece of the American Pie…and by that, I don’t mean Independence, Missouri.

Instead of cats and cute, and the usual back and forth of politics, I thought I would start pointing out items from the local news organizations on Fridays. Sort of a “Hackers Guide to Missour-ah!”.


Top of the list, a present for my pinko, liberal, commie, ACLU card holding, tree hugging friends who are trying to steal Christmas: How the liberals stole Christmas (or) A visit from St. Dick.


Today, my next door neighbor, Archbishop Burke, on orders from the holy Roman Church, excommunicated the entire lay board, and priest of the St. Stanislaus Kostka Church. This church has become a center of faith for the growing Polish community in St. Louis, and there’s an interesting story behind the little quarrel.

The Church hired the priest, Rev. Bozek, who was happy to accept the job. The thing is, though, he didn’t have permission to take the job from the Archbishop. Why didn’t the Archbishop give him permission? Because there’s been a squabble about the money that the church board holds. The Catholic Church wants control of the 9 million dollars currently managed by the church board, but the board doesn’t want to allow control of the money outside of the parish.

The Church removed the priests originally at the parish, and they’ve been without spiritual guidance until Rev. Bozek defied the Archbishop, tossing aside his 30 year career, because he originally came to this country …to help people with no priest.

Yes the Church excommunicated several people because of a long standing dispute over corporate financial structure.


Then there’s the guy award. What’s the guy award? According to Bill McClellan:

This award is not to be confused with the Man of the Year award, which was established years ago by the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and then kept alive after that newspaper’s demise by a bunch of rich, establishment types who had not yet been selected. This is definitely not that award.

Instead, it honors the fact that women are smarter than men. Which is a nice way of saying that guys tend to do stupid things.


Don’t want St. Louis to have all the fun. From the Kansas City Pitch, Merry Christmas from Dead Malls.


Just remember, that’s Missour-ah!

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