Just Shelley

The Fog

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I was driving north on 101 when I noticed that the approach to Golden Gate Bridge was blanketed by heavy fog. Now, driving across GG is an exercise in precision in good weather; I wasn’t interested in trying it out in the fog.

I pulled into Crissy field to watch the fog and listen to the fog horns, hoping it would blow over so I could continue.

As I waited, I thought back to the news I read this morning. There was another suicide bomb in Israel, with six people dead. There was a fire in an Arab American church in Los Altos and an attack against a Jewish man in Sacramento. These last two events weren’t thousands of miles away — these were in my backyard.

Sad, bad, mad times.

What makes all of this so much more difficult is there is no clear picture about what can done in the Middle East. To say with surety that this path or that will lead us — us — out of these times is naive at best.

Sharon and others say that we can end this conflict by routing the terrorists out of the West Bank, but how? Instead of eliminating terrorism, won’t we find that the same hand that wields the sword of retribution is also the same hand that sows more seeds of terror?

Terrorism is a renewable resource.

What is the right way out of the killing in the Middle East? The racial and religious bigotry throughout the world? I don’t know anymore. I am lost in uncertainty.

With these thoughts in my mind, I look up and see that the fog still lingers at the Bridge, but decide to hell with it — if I wait for clear days I’ll never cross Golden Gate. As I start to cross, I am met with a totally unexpected view: the fog has somehow formed a tunnel over and around the Bridge, but the road itself is clear.

I have no definitive answers to the situation we’re facing throughout the world. All I can do is continue fighting racism and bigotry in my weblog and in my life. I can join peace vigils and hold hands. I can write against the Israeli incursions into Palestinian territory and write against suicide bombs and against terrorism in any form. I can stay informed, and get involved when the opportunity arises. This is the clear path I see.

And there is one other thing I can do — I can show more respect for those I don’t agree with. For all we know, I may be wrong. And if you don’t agree with me, that’s okay, too. For all we know, I may be right.

And it starts with something this small and personal…

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