The Frugal Algorithm: begin as you mean to go

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Once I decided on the Frugal Algorithm as the name of this new site, I checked to see if the domain was still available. It was, and for the trivial amount of $30.00 or so dollars for the domain, private registration, and ICANN fee, it would be mine.

Hold on a sec, though. Thirty dollars is a tank of gas, a donation of food for a family of four for a week, not to mention three albums of digital music, or a couple of DVDs. The money would be worth it, if the domain was worth it, but the question is: is the domain worth it?

At one time, it was important to have an easy to remember domain name for your site. After all, we had to hand type in the domain addresses when we wanted to visit the site. However, that was in the days before most sites were found via link from others, or search engine results. Having one domain is important, because you can’t depend on owning the same IP address forever. But you don’t need to have a domain for every interest, itch, and thought that crosses your mind. Big companies might need domains, but the small business owner, organization, or individual can get by with one domain. Just one.

It would be a sad commentary on this site if my first act in creating it was to spend money I didn’t need to spend. Thirty dollars doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. Not only would I need to obtain the domain for The Frugal Algorithm, but I’d also need to renew my domain for MissouriGreenSecret of Signals, and the domain, for Just Shelley. Yet, I doubt that anyone has ever looked at the domain names for the sites, much less typed the domains into a browser’s address bar.

I hestitated on not renewing MissouriGreen, as eventually I’d like to get a jacket with the name of the site embroidered on it, so when I take photos at events, people know where to look to see if their picture appears. But if I display “MissouriGreen” on the back. rather than “”, people will just look up “MissouriGreen” in Google and find the site. And though it may seem as if my encouraging the use of Google will melt the polar ice caps and drown baby polar bears, I have a feeling from an environmental perspective, it’s all a wash.

Look how much money I’ll save buy not buying the new domain, or renewing the old ones. I estimate I’ll save about $150.00 a year in domain fees, and that’s a conservative estimate. That’s enough money to pay half of my annual server fees, sponsor Crackers for a year, or buy 15 books for my Kindle.

Ummm, 15 books for my Kindle…OK, OK, I’ll split the difference: Crackers gets half, the server gets paid this month, and I’ll get those three history books I’ve been wanting.

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