The most important paper you can read, but you can’t have it

Several publications, including the New York Times are covering an important new paper on climate change in the future. In the paper, the authors predict that starting in 2047, the coldest years on record, will now exceed the warmest years on record we have now.

It’s an important paper, and one that presents a fresh outlook. Unfortunately, it’s also a paper that’s stuck behind a paywall, and therefore unavailable to the majority of people.

Yet, notice how climate change denial papers are never stuck behind paywalls. Of course, you might say it’s because no reputable journal would ever publish them. It’s true, their science is dubious, and their conclusions are questionable. However, the fact is, when you’re trying to reach as many people as you can with a message, you don’t make people have a pay a significant chunk of money just to see your paper.

The climate change denial folks understand this. Evidently the more reputable climate folks, don’t.

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